Wild Kong Superheroes

2 700 000 kr



2019 saw Richard Orlinski create a collection of « Wild Kong Superheroes » intribute to his beloved pop culture.





What if the first superhero was a Kong? Richard Orlinski has sculpted a Superkong wearing a tight blue costume to show off its muscles. With its cape and red boots, it holds out its arms to suppress its super powers. Richard Orlinski’s vigilante is ready to fly around the world.


When Wild Kong by Richard Orlinski slips on its high-tech armour, it can take on the world with pride and confidence in its invincibility. This piece sees the sculptor reinvent pop culture symbols and pair primitive and futuristic powers to create a unique superhero.


Richard Orlinski has created a new superhero epitomising freedom and adventure. The famous « Wild Kong » wears a US flag-style costume and brandishes a shield to protect it and combat totalitarianism.


Richard Orlinski reincarnates the mightiest of warriors, armed with his mythical hammer « Mjölnir ».
The protector of gods and men against the forces of chaos, he symbolises strength, valour, agility and victory.


Its green skin, animal looks and bursts of anger, MonsterKong brings up the artist’s recurring theme of the violence within man. Comic fan Richard Orlinski has produced a superhero that embodies total power.


Richard Orlinski transforms his signature « Wild Kong » into a pop culture icon: the dark knight. With its grey costume, bat accessories, mouth open and ready for revenge, « BatKong » is off to face his enemies and beat them!


Richard Orlinski’s iconic Wild Kong is in the middle of transforming and been given Adamantium’s claws to make him immortal !


  • Deeply
  • Metallictic
  • Gradiant
  • Edition Flag
  • Rainbow
  • Candy

For exceptional finishes and/or materials such as :

  • 24 carat gold leaf
  • Swarovski
  • Marble
  • Wood tone

Price on request

About Richard Orlinski

Back in 2004, soaked in pop culture, Richard Orlinski decided to devote himself to art. He soon created a colourful pop universe and his animal world went around the globe. His often spectacularly huge animals are proud and defiant yet also symbolise kindness and freedom. In 2015 he became the biggest selling contemporary French artist in the world.

It all began with a crocodile in red resin that the sculptor decided to exhibit in Deauville during the American Film Festival. The French artist is fuelled by the drive to make art for everyone and he takes the genre to unexpected places. Exhibiting in unusual places and the great outdoors soon became his signature. From the Courchevel peaks to TV sets, Richard Orlinski has redefined contemporary art codes.

Thought is the first stage involved in creating a sculpture. It’s the longest part as the artist sets himself no limits and total demand. For his first sculpture, Crocodile, Richard Orlinski spent months working on his piece’s proportions before achieving what he likes to call the «perfect croco».

With five production studios in France and over two hundred employees, craftsmanship goes into every stage of making a piece. Richard Orlinski has a fondness for contemporary materials such as resin and aluminium but also likes to work with materials such as bronze, stone and stainless steel. The sculptor dabbles with colour, constantly innovates, plays with materials, transparency and light. Nothing can stop him when it comes to creation!

The artist is represented by over 90 galleries in France and abroad but Richard Orlinski decided to open the 1st space devoted entirely to his art in Paris in 2017: a 150m2 gallery at 68 rue du Faubourg St Honoré in the 8th arrondissement.

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