INDP Watches was founded to be able to offer watches from independent manufacturers to Sweden and Scandinavia.

Watches from independent manufacturers are often naturally limited and make their owners part of a small and exclusive group of collectors worldwide. Independent watchmaking is something for those who want to experience something new and exciting where innovation meets luxury.

A hobby turned into a passion, and this was the start of INDP Watches. We are now proud to offer watches from some of the most exclusive manufacturers.

Our Brands

We have a selective choice of manufacturers that we know live up to our high standards. We leave nothing to chance and never compromise on design or function.

We have chosen what we want to wear and feel proud to provide watches that stand out from the crowd.

For those looking for something unique in watches, independent watchmaking is a natural way to go. We are happy and proud to open this world and make the journey together with our customers.


Showroom: Karlavägen 49, 114 49 Stockholm 
Phone / WhatsApp: +46-8-764 77 10