Tribute 1 Fumé Sky Edition

230 000 kr


Tribute 1 Fumé Sky Edition

  • Limited edition 10
  • Stainless steel case
  • Diameter: 38.00 mm
  • Offset dial in sky


Biel/Bienne, Switzerland, 16 November 2023: Armin Strom’s purest creation, the Tribute 1, receives a chromatic twist with 4 fumé dials limited to 10 pieces each. Featuring an in-house developed and manufactured manual-winding movement with a motor barrel on the guilloché dial plate, the Tribute 1 Fumé is a compelling mechanical masterpiece blending modernity with a touch of vintage.

A statement of simplicity, the Armin Strom way. The Tribute 1 is the independent manufacturer’s unique take on the most fundamental of timekeepers, the three-hand watch. Perhaps the most essential expression of the art of watchmaking, every detail in the Tribute 1 is rendered meticulously to achieve a harmonious, integral and highly original piece like no other. Now, it takes on a more dramatic look with fumé dials in four striking hues, with guilloché dial plates by celebrated independent watchmaker Kari Voutilainen’s dial atelier. The Tribute 1 Fumé is limited to 10 pieces each in ocean, slate, sky and burgundy dial colours.

Dramatic, intense and reflecting a multitude of tones, the fumé dial gives a new depth to the already three-dimensional Tribute 1. Its vignette effect, which has a distinctly 1970s vibe, creates a striking gradient of bright highlights at the centre of the dial that give way to shadowy contrast towards the outer edge. With a sunray-brushed finish on the metallic base, the dial is animated by light, which can bring out the different tonalities and shades of the four dials’ colours. This spectacular effect is further heightened by the anthracite guilloché plate, which is handcrafted by celebrated independent watchmaker and close friend of the brand, Kari Voutilainen.

On the latest creation from the Armin Strom manufacture, Co-Founder and Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler shared: “The Tribute 1 is a twist on the classic dress watch – literally. From its slender 38 mm steel case with the crown unusually positioned at 2 o’clock, to the off-centred small dial displaying the hours, minutes and seconds, there’s harmony in its asymmetry. Like all Armin Strom creations, there’s something mechanical and quite ingenious to be admired from the dial side.”

Held by an open finger-style bridge is the innovative “motor barrel”. Prominently displayed, it is distinguished by an arbor that turns around the mainspring within the barrel itself, making it far more efficient than traditional constructions, while also conserving space. An impressive feat for a single mainspring barrel that offers 100 hours of power reserve. Showcasing Armin Strom’s mastery of elaborate hand-finishing, the manual-winding calibre AMW21 is lavishly decorated throughout. It incorporates different decoration techniques to embellish its purest movement to date.

The finishing touch to the Tribute 1 Fumé is the velvety-soft and supple Grey Alcantara calf leather strap with white stitching.

With the Tribute 1 Fumé limited editions, Armin Strom offers a punchy and chromatic rendition of its alternative 3-hand dress watch.

Armin Strom’s unique twist on time

From a distance, the Armin Strom Tribute 1 watch may appear to be a classic manually-wound dress watch. It has an exquisitely proportioned 38 mm stainless steel case with an enticingly slender profile. It is presented on an elegant alligator strap. So far, it’s everything you would expect in an haute horlogerie dress watch. But a closer inspection immediately reveals that while Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler has embraced time-honoured watchmaking traditions, he has, in fact, again redefined the genre with a watch that will appeal to men and women who treasure the brand’s unique twist on time. 

A study in three dimensions

Like every Armin Strom watch, the Tribute 1 is a study in three dimensions. It starts with an understated off-centre dial displaying hours, minutes and seconds. In attractively stark contrast to the dial is an adjacent plate whose grenage finish subtly transitions the hue of the dial from one shade to another as the light changes. The already distinctive face is rounded out with a barrel bridge, a feature that has become a hallmark in Armin Strom’s exclusive timepieces. The Tribute 1’s crown is located at 2 o’clock, a detail that enhances wearer comfort.

With a highly efficient motor barrel, whose arbor turns around the mainspring, the in-house Calibre AMW21 delivers a jaw-dropping 100-hour power reserve.

Exceptional hand finishing

The Tribute 1 watches are also characterized by Armin Strom’s commitment to exceptional hand-finishing of its movements. Claude Geisler says, “I’m obsessed with every detail of this watch, particularly when it comes to finishing. For example, the barrel, visible on the dial side of the timepiece, is meticulously hand-decorated, which is extremely time consuming. We also manufacture, polish and decorate the hands in-house, which is painstaking but ensures the quality while keeping the price reasonable.”

“There has to be a reason”

Armin Strom’s co-founders Claude Geisler and Serge Michel and their team operate on a principle summarized by Geisler: “There has to be a reason for a new watch to be there.” On the surface, the statement is simple but behind it, there is a philosophy: the brand consistently fuses the values of classic watchmaking – often taking inspiration from vintage pocket watches – with modern movement innovation. Each of its watches earns its “reason to be there” by contributing something new and meaningful to the watchmaking canon.

The Tribute 1 – Hand wound, hand-finished, hand-crafted and hand-decorated

With the new Tribute 1 watch models, Armin Strom delivers two new references – one with a black dial and one with a blue dial – of a watch that has already made aficionados giddy with excitement. The operational word here is “hand”. These hand-wound watches feature extensive hand finishing, hand craftsmanship and hand decoration at an impressive price point of CHF 13,900. The legend “1 of 100” engraved on the caseback is a confirmation of the edition size.

About The System 78 Collection

The Armin Strom Tribute 1 watches are part of the “System 78” collection, which offers fine watchmaking, impeccable hand-finishing and a number of innovative horological ‘firsts’ while maintaining an accessible price point. The collection embodies the watchmaking sensibilities of Claude Greisler and Serge Michel, co-founders of the revitalized Manufacture Armin Strom, who were both born in 1978.

Technical Specifications


  • ST23-TRI.11.CS.M.35.FC


  • Hours, minutes, seconds


  • Stainless steel
  • Sapphire crystal and case back with anti-reflective treatment
  • Diameter: 38.00 mm
  • Height: 9.38 mm
  • Lug-to-Lug: 44.35 mm
  • Water-resistance: 50 m / 5 ATM


  • Armin Strom manufacture Caliber AMW21, Hand-wound movement 
  • Regulating system: Flat hairspring with a variable inertia balance wheel
  • Barrel bridge in brass
  • Power reserve: 100 hours
  • Dimensions: 33.5 mm x 4.2mm 
  • Frequency: 3.5 Hz (25,200 vph)
  • Finishing: Hand-finishing to the highest quality level
  • Jewels: 21
  • Number of components: 135


  • Offset sky blue


  • Manufactured by Armin Strom – Rhodium plated 


  • Delivered with a Grey Alcantara calf leather strap
  • Width lugs/buckle: 18/16 mm


  • Double Folding clasp in stainless steel

Limited edition

  • 10 pieces

About Armin Strom

Armin Strom is an independent watch company based in Biel/Bienne, Switzerland. Armin Strom timepieces offer a unique fusion of the Swiss-German horological tradition, avant-garde “transparent mechanics” and an unwavering commitment to horological innovation. The hallmark of the brand’s low-volume, artisanal approach to watchmaking is its commitment to exposed dial-side movement mechanics, with every part hand-finished to the highest haute-horology standards.

Armin Strom was established in 1967 by Mr Armin Strom, a legend in the art of hand-skeletonization. In 2006, the stewardship of Mr Strom’s legacy became the responsibility of Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler and businessman Serge Michel, who together revitalized the brand with the opening of Armin’s Strom’s first fully-integrated Manufacture in 2009. Today the brand designs, develops, mills, embosses, galvanizes, hand-finishes and assembles all of its own watches in-house, enabling Armin Strom to bring even the most complicated ideas to life without any of the compromises that typically stem from reliance on a supply chain.

When ‘Mr. Armin Strom’ retired from watchmaking, he transferred ownership of his brand to two boys (by then adults) who had had frequented his workshop so often together in childhood: businessperson Serge Michel and Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler.

In 2009, the revitalized Armin Strom built upon Mr. Strom’s historical legacy with the opening of its first fully-integrated Manufacture; located in Biel, Switzerland.

Today the Manufacture produces all of our timepieces in-house and with great reverence for the Swiss-German watchmaking tradition. Our extraordinary team of dedicated engineers and artisans, led by Master Watchmaker Claude Greisler, uphold that tradition with uncompromising passion and commitment.

Serge Michel is the scion of one of the most prominent families in Switzerland. His unwavering passion and commitment to the business of the Armin Strom Manufacture have made him both the sponsor and the driving business force behind the brand.

Fascinated by watchmaking and watch collecting from a young age, he and his childhood friend Claude Greisler shared a dream of co-founding a watch company; one that would someday produce watches of the very highest quality in the Swiss-German tradition. Today that dream has become a longstanding reality.

Beyond his life in the Manufacture, Serge is a husband and proud father of two girls. His other passions include global travel and wine collecting. Nothing brings a bigger smile to Serge’s face than introducing the latest Armin Strom creation to good friends over a dinner paired with several bottles of fine wine.

Claude Greisler is “a watchmaker’s watchmaker.” His greatest passions are watches (past and present) and complicated watchmaking. In actual fact, watchmaking has been a Greisler family profession for generations. Claude’s training began in his grandfather’s workshop, which led to his formal training, beginning with his completion of a four year program at the “School for Watchmakers and Rhabilleurs” in Solothurn, Switzerland; followed by a two-year program in movement restoration at Centre Interrégionalde Formation des Montagnes [CIFOM] in Le Locle; and then a further two-year program at CIFOM focused on the development and construction of complicated timepieces. Upon the completion of his 8 years of watchmaking education, Claude honed his craft as a watchmaker at Christophe Claret (a brand known for its ultra-complicated timepieces) as the next step in his longstanding ambition: to dedicate himself to the design and production of horologically significant timepieces. Beyond his watchmaking obsession, Claude is also a passionate skier and outdoorsman. Together with his wife, Gaby, Claude explores the Swiss backcountry as often as his responsibilities at the manufacture will allow.


At Armin Strom, we’re obsessed with every detail of every watch that we make. We develop, mill, emboss, galvanize and hand-finish all of our watches in-house. We adhere to the very highest haute-horology standards because we know that Armin Strom collectors appreciate looking at more than just the time.

Armin Strom represents a unique fusion of the swiss-german horological tradition with avant-garde ‘transparent mechanics’ and an unwavering commitment to horological innovation. Our watches are designed to both showcase how our movements actually work and to validate the attention to detail that goes into their production. Whether with a loupe or with the naked eye, with an Armin Strom timepiece there will always be something captivating to see.

At Armin Strom, our highly qualified and dedicated team invests an incredible amount of enthusiasm, passion and effort to create watches that are mechanically exceptional and meticulously well-finished. “The only difference between the possible and the impossible is that the impossible takes a little longer.” [Mrs. William Tilton, “The Washington Herald”, 1921].

Our passion for ‘transparent mechanics’ is at the core of our watchmaking design philosophy, but perfection in our execution and in the long-term reliability of our watches is always paramount. These priorities are the hallmarks of the Swiss-German watchmaking tradition. We honor that tradition with every watch that we produce at the Armin Strom Manufacture.


Hand engraving

Every piece is unique.

Steel burins in various sizes and wax-coated holders are the tools of the engraver.

In the engraver’s hands, each workpiece becomes a unique work of art. The engraver draws their own motif design on the workpiece with a needle according to their original drawings; working under the microscope.


Embellishing every part of a movement makes every Armin Strom watch akin to a hand-crafted piece of jewelry.

Working bare brass or steel by hand is time-consuming work: edges of plates, bridges and levers must be perfectly chamfered or, as watchmakers call it, beveled. Every part is then polished to perfection, even when the embellishment won’t be visible in the finished watch.

Beveling and polishing requires a trained eye and fingertip sensitivity together with both patience and perseverance. For example, even a relatively small part like a pallets bridge will require at least half an hour to complete – and often more than that.

Traditional Grinding

Here a classic fine watch-making finishing technique known as “Geneva Stripes” (Côtes de Genève), is displayed. They’re created via the use an abrasive disc that’s applied in perfectly straight lines to create the Côtes de Genève on the workpiece.

Circular graining (Perlage) is a decorative motif reminiscent of clouds, typically used on main plates. To achieve this pattern, the watchmaker uses an abrasive pencil and gently makes contact with the workpiece, gradually wor­king across the whole surface. This creates the characteristic overlapping circular grained motif.

All rotating parts of an Armin Strom movement are embellished with a circular grinding pattern.


Up to this point, they were all just individual parts – turned, milled, polished and decorated. Now the watch will begin to take shape.

The watchmaker uses a pressing tool to insert the jewel bearings for the spindles of the toothed wheels into the plate and bridges. This is a crucial operation. The way the jewels are pressed in influences the correct vertical play of the gear-train. Do the gear-wheels and pinions mesh together correctly? Does the height need adjusting by a few hundredths of a millimeter? Once the gear-train is adjusted, the bridges and plates are screwed down, and the mainsprings are assembled in the going barrels, then the movement is ready to receive the escapement. With the installation of the escapement, consisting of the escape-wheel, the pallets and balance-wheel, the watch comes to life.

After the first assembly, the movement is completely disassembled and each individual part is then cleaned, dried, reassembled and lubricated. After the second assembly, the movement is meticulously regulated before the watchmaker sets the hands and re-inserts the movement back into the case. The back of the case is then fixed in place. The completed watch is subjected to a multi-day rate test on a watch winder. Water resistance is also tested. Once the watch has passed these quality tests, it is finally certified as complete.

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