The Unnamed Society Talisman Sunray Black / Brown Eye Black Spinel

240 000 kr


TALISMAN Sunray model / Brown eye


  • Talisman: Sunray model / Brown eye
  • Material: Titanium Black PVD
  • Gemstones: Black diamonds
  • Carats: 2,56
  • Diamonds: 356
  • Clasp and rings: Titanium Black PVD
  • Pearls: Black spinel
  • Reference: Ti B001

    Talisman – Specs and Sales Credentials

    Designed and created by S by Salanitro – master jeweller and gem-setter to the world’s greatest watch and jewellery brands.

    Each necklace is made of semi-precious stones with an elegant ‘T’ clasp necklace (additional chain in gold or titanium available as an option).

    The ‘Rainbow’ version comprise up to 4.15 carats of precious and semi-precious stones.

    The ‘Diamonds’ version comprises up to 2.80 carats of diamonds.

    Gold versions of the Talisman medallion contain up to 43 grams of 3N or 5N gold.

    Necklace size 720mm

    Medallion sizes 40mm and 40,75mm

    “We choose to wear an item of jewellery for its beauty and the fascination it holds for us. It soon becomes our trusted ally, the source of unsuspected strength on unexpected occasions, it speaks to us and for us. What if we weren’t the ones doing the choosing?”

    The symbol of the all-seeing, all-knowing eye that channels powers beyond our understanding has been with us since the beginning of time. Call it intuition, guardian angel or benevolent presence, we all have at some juncture experienced a flash of insight, an inexplicable deflection that caused us to make one choice instead of another, and realised, so-metimes seconds, sometimes years later that it was a good choice. As if something in us had seen it coming, something that loves us and wants what’s best, something that sees further than our own eyes, which only see what is right in front of us. With TALISMAN, the force that shows us, guides us and may even warn us finally takes on a concrete form that not only reflects its invaluable importance. It is a powerful reminder of its presence and its possibili-ties. Because it can be held, touched and sensed.

    The Unnamed Society presents that rarest of constellations in the world of collectible art: when beauty and fascination shine through in the history, authenticity and artisanship that have been so mindfully interwoven to ‘‘create the impossible that defies imagination.’’ Heightened senses. Clarity of purpose. Absolute discretion. With the same traits as the owl in the logo, the team of passio-nate inventors, designers and artisans who form The Unnamed Society conceive the impossible, and then make the unimagi-nable a reality. What motivates them is the challenge to unlock secret desires and create the impossible for those who already have every-thing.

    Each TALISMAN, already unique by its design and the choice of mate-rials is rendered truly fascinating by the time, precision and passion that goes into selecting the perfect gem to be juxtaposed to another and another… until the dazzling design is complete. Choosing each stone is not an easy task and as dazzling as they may be, only a few will make the cut. The criteria for the stones destined for TALISMAN are indeed the most exacting. If the greatest Houses in high jewellery and high watchmaking avail themselves of the expertise and craftsmanship of the team at Salani-tro, it is for a reason. The name is synonymous with gem-setting at its highest level of quality, exclusivity and sheer dazzle. Amazing gems, the product of nature, made irresistible through skills in cutting and poli-shing, for one part of the equation. The other is the setting, and Salani-tro is the uncontested master.

    What is Talisman? 

    • Talisman is a one-off collection of the most exclusive, most personal expressions of The Protective Eye.
    • Talisman unites the finest craftsmanship in high jewellery and gem-  setting in a captivating pendant design.
    • Like a true talisman, it channels the mystical powers of an age-old  symbol. Talisman is a companion and ally. A badge worn for all to see  or close to the skin for only the chosen one.

    Why is Talisman so special? 

    • Just like there is only one you, there is only one Talisman. No two are alike. No two will ever be alike. You will see: Talisman chooses you, not the other way around.
    • Talisman brings together the noblest materials – gold, titanium, precious and semi-precious gemstones – in unique combinations that express your own unique personality.
    • Profound meaning – the all-seeing Protective Eye – , stunning realism (3D laser rendering for the iris) and incredible lightness all come together in a design that brings into focus the Essential; its powers become yours.

    Who wears Talisman? 

    • Boy, girl and everybody in between: Talisman transcends genders. Those who wear Talisman have one thing in common: 
      To them, believing is seeing (not just with the eyes).

    TALISMAN: Much more than meets the eye.

    The Unnamed Society x S by Salanitro gives a contemporary interpretation to the primeval symbol of the Protective Eye.

    Talisman unites the finest materials and craftsmanship in high jewellery and 
    gem-setting to create the most exclusive expression of The Protective Eye.

    Talisman transcends jewellery. It is the sign of an intimate connection. 

    “We believe we choose jewellery for its beauty and the fascination it holds for us.
    But what if it wasn’t really our choice to make? Talisman chooses you, not the other way around.”

    For immediate release. Somewhere in Switzerland, [30 June 2022] – Today, The Unnamed Society and S by Salanitro together unveiled TALISMAN, a unique pendant, a piece of exquisite jewellery that is an extraordinary alignment of inspired aesthetics, precious materials and exceptional gem-setting artistry. This new chapter demonstrates once again the rare knack of The Unnamed Society to draw inspiration from millennia-old symbolism and give it a contemporary reinterpretation, in tune with the millennium.

    The Protective Eye
    The Protective Eye: The timeless, mystical symbol of the all-seeing, all-knowing eye that channels powers beyond our understanding. The eye we wish we always had. Call it a benevolent presence, it always leads to make the right call, intuitively. The spirit animal of The Unnamed Society is the owl, its piercing eyes see right through darkness, nothing can hide from it. There is some of that in Talisman, too.
    Much more than a jewel, TALISMAN is the protective eye that watches over us, guides us. An ally and a companion who sees before we do the infinite possibilities of what is ahead – and opens our inner eye to them.
    Talisman transcends the notion of jewellery beyond that of a personal ornament or statement – it’s about a connection. Talisman is such an expression of individualism that it makes you wonder: am I the one choosing my Talisman or is the Talisman choosing me?

    Uncompromisingly inclusive, uncompromisingly exclusive
    Talisman transcends genders, too. If inclusiveness is the common denominator that opens Talisman to all who see what it stands for, exclusiveness at its highest level is what defines Talisman.
    It is the timelessness of a primeval symbol, reinterpreted as a creation of and for its time: Talisman brings together the noblest materials, juxtaposing colours, shapes and textures that touch all the senses, evoking emotions in unexpected and unsuspected ways, in unique combinations that mirrorthe wearer’s unique personality. Each Talisman is a painstakingly handcrafted piece of individuality that blends the precious and rare with the legitimately personal. Yellow, white or rose gold. Titanium, raw or PVD-coated. Amethysts. White diamonds, black diamonds and brown diamonds. Orange sapphires, yellow sapphires and blue ones, too. Rubies and tsavorites… fantastical materials that fire up the imagination and hint at the limitless possibilities of personal expression for Talisman. The number and combination of gems selected, the type of setting and the metal finish chosen – they all, too, create a unique connection with the wearer. The colour of the Protective Eye, naturally, is a choice left entirely to the wearer-to-be.

    The Unnamed Society x S by Salanitro Touch – an inspired, unprecedented approach to high jewellery
    Talisman is the latest chapter in the unfolding story of The Unnamed Society, demonstrating yet again a rare ability to walk the tightrope between tradition and innovation towards the creation of something truly new, precious and special in every facet. Talisman’s boldness of creative expression deconstructs tradition, reinterpreting it into something new, precious and rare with a legitimacy of its own. S by Salanitro believes that innovation serves tradition and brings into play the most advanced technologies, like 3D printing, for instance, to create the most life-like irises. Each Talisman, already unique by its design and the choice of materials, is rendered truly fascinating by the combination of time, precision and passion that goes into crafting it. The mastery of high jewellery design and gem- setting techniques is amplified to reveal even more of what lies deep within the precious metals and gemstones. With sensitivity for the beauty of Earth’s most precious gifts, The Unnamed Society and S by Salanitro succeed in liberating what has always wanted to come out – but simply couldn’t because conventional approaches wouldn’t let them.

    About The Unnamed Society
    Founded in 2019 in Switzerland, The Unnamed Society presents that rarest of constellations in the world of collectible objects: when beauty and fascination shine through in artfully interwoven history, authenticity and artisanship. Heightened sensitivity. Clarity of purpose. Absolute discretion. Inspired by the owl, its spirit animal, the team of passionate inventors, designers and artisans behind The Unnamed Society conceive the impossible and then make it reality. What motivates them is the challenge to unlock secret desires and create the unimagined for those who already have everything.

    About S by Salanitro
    Creativity and excellence at work: S by Salanitro is like no other brand in that it creates the exceptional, designing and realizing unexpected objects with a strong and singular identity in the luxury world. Aesthetic and cultural sensitivity, an intimate knowledge of materials and precious stones, exceptional savoir faire rooted in the ‘Métiers d'Art’ of jewellery design in high watchmaking – it all comes together in S by Salanitro, a Swiss brand based in Geneva and created by Pierre Salanitro in 2020 with one aim: to surprise through dazzling and original creations. With each object, the teams at S by Salanitro bring all their knowledge, skills and virtuosity to bear in creating an exceptional final product that exceeds the highest standards of connoisseurs and lovers of rare refinement. Each creation sparks ambitious projects, sometimes involving prestigious collaborations, that converge into a dazzling work of art where technical prowess, age-old mastery and contemporary inspiration find their perfect expression. Whilst fine watchmaking is the original core business of its founder, S by Salanitro pushes boundaries, exploring new horizons and manifesting his passion for unique and precious objects, the true source of emotion.

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