Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye

52 000 kr


Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye

“I yam whats I yam and dats all whats I am,” and that’s Popeye the Sailor Man! Introducing the latest comic-driven timepiece from the Franco-Swiss watchmaker Reservoir in the new Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye watch. 

Produced in collaboration between Reservoir and LabelNoir and featuring the famed cartoon character Popeye, this new limited edition brings a nostalgic icon to the wrist in sleek fashion. The timepiece embodies the ready-for-anything attitude of Popeye with the bold spirit of Reservoir and unexpected creativity of LabelNoir, resulting in true comic novelty that’s as strong in design as Popeye’s very own anchor arms. “AAAHuuUUH GUhGuhGuhGuh!”.

He's Popeye the Sailor Man!

Introduced to the world on January 17, 1929, by E.C. Segar in the "Thimble Theatre" comic series, Popeye from his debut has always been a rough-and-tumble, spinach-loving underdog. True to himself as a mean-muggin’ man with a heart of gold, the sailor became one of the most popular characters of 20th century through comic strips, radio shows, television programs, and eventually both animated and live-action films. Beloved by millions, Popeye and the rest of the "Thimble Theatre" cast, including Olive Oyl, Swee’Pea, and Bluto, continue today in the cultural spirit through countless references and works of art. In this latest collaborative timepiece, the sailor’s salty spirit finds its latest canvas.

Purpose built for the inspired, for the bold, and for those who eat their vegetables !

Reservoir has fostered its renown in bringing boldness to life through its timepieces, helping make every minute and hour count through its radical reading of time that is punctuated by a regular thrill. The brand’s watches echo an era in which these precision instruments, easy to read and accurate to act, were at the service of mankind; a time when the pulse quickened, and adrenaline coursed through the driver’s or pilot’s veins as he embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance.

This ethos pairs with Reservoir’s unique design aesthetic inspired by measuring instruments and mechanical counters, including gauges from universes like auto racing, aeronautics, and sailing. Together, a unique, inspired style of watchmaking results, with timepieces presented that thoughtfully balances functionality and aesthetic appeal. In the Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye watch, the brand once more introduces a watch which is bold by design, being purpose built for those who share the brand’s passion for action and creativity. 

Popeye was a natural pick for the collaboration, with the underdog character ever ready to act on a moment’s notice to protect what’s right and those closest to him. Spinach in hand, Popeye is never afraid to stick out and take creative action when the time requires, and just like Reservoir, the sailor is who he is and he knows it. By the same token, LabelNoir was another natural partner for the nostalgic piece. The 2011-founded horological customization house has made personalization and the plural arts its creed from its debut, highlighting a chart-your-own-course experience in watchmaking. Best known for its signature dark creations and collaborative efforts with some of the most notable watch brands of the day, the Swiss customizer has taken its sleek skillset for this latest effort, providing an eye-catching noir in perfect complement to Popeye’s swagger and Reservoir’s familiar silhouette. 

 A collaborative aesthetic in the metal!

On the wrist, the 41.5mm titanium watch recalls classic Reservoir styles, with slightly curved lugs and a signature knurling on its unique crown placing the model in the fantastic canon of the brand. The case itself is clad in an under-the-radar grey DLC— the color scheme courtesy of LabelNoir— with a satin finish used throughout that adds to the model’s bold style. 

While Popeye isn’t specifically your traditional hero or an athlete, he’s never one to shy away from a person in need or a moment of action. Just the same, while this bold new Reservoir isn’t explicitly a sports watch, the dark look, satin, finish, and importantly 5 ATM or 50m of water resistance help make the timepiece a capable companion for the everyday, with a grey nubuck leather strap with red & grey stitching and a matching grey DLC pin buckle adding that feeling. 

Beneath the anti-reflective sapphire crystal, the highlight of the Reservoir model is on display. Making smart use of a grey dial, a picture of Popeye in full charge is hand painted upon it. Faithful touches of color in the image help make it quickly striking against its dark background, with bright white accenting in the comic-style indices assisting in the high legibility for the novelty. 

In classic Reservoir fashion, the dial features a 240° retrograde configuration, with the minutes displayed upon three-fourths of the surface and the running hours indicated in a prominent view via a bordered digital display at the comic icon’s feet. Popeye’s massive arm indicates the running minutes, sweeping from “00” to “60” and then snapping back again at the top of each hour.

It doesn’t run on spinach

Inside the new limited-edition model is the Reservoir Calibre RSV-240, a next-generation automatic movement introduced by the watchmaker in the spring of 2022. Produced in association with the Swiss engine manufacture TELOS, the self-winding mechanism makes use of a LJP-G100 base with a patented, proprietary 113-pieces module, with it optimized for Reservoir watches and the maker’s unique style of timekeeping. 

In the Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye watch, the RSV-240 allows for the aforementioned retrograde minute and jumping hour on display via the dial, with a 56-hour power reserve ensuring its sustained and reliable function. The movement and its Reservoir-signed rotor are smartly finished with Geneva stripes and radial style brushing, all visible via an exhibition sapphire case back itself adorned with a winking Popeye painted at its center. 

Ready for action

Bold in its creation and even more so on the wrist, the new Reservoir x LabelNoir x Popeye watch is ready to hop into action. The timepiece is available in a limited series of 200 pieces. Each numbered model is presented in a white wooden box adorned with an image of "The Popeye Family", an additional Chrome Painted Figurine “Popeye eating spinach” and a special embroidery in honor of Popeye. A certificate of authenticity accompanies the box.

Technical information


  • 41.5mm, Grey DLC Titanium Case with Satin Finish
  • Grey Dial with Hand Painted “Popeye” Pattern
  • White Index
  • Screw-down Crown, Water-resistant 5ATM
  • Open case-back, with exclusive “Popeye” character glass paint application
  • Anti-reflective Sapphire Crystal


  • Retrograde Minute, Jumping Hour
  • Calibre RSV-240: Manufacture Self-winding Mechanical Movement, Patented proprietary 113-pieces module (LJP G100 base)
  • 56-Hour Power Reserve
  • 28,800 alt./h
  • Swiss Made


  • Taupe Grey Nubuck Leather Strap with Red & Grey Stitching, Red Wax Side, 22 mm Width
  • Taupe Grey DLC Pin Buckle


  • White Wooden Box with an image of “The Popeye Family” (© 2022 King Features Syndicate ™ Hearst Holdings, Inc.)
  • Additional Chrome Painted Figurine “Popeye eating spinach”
  • Additional Special Embroidery with “Popeye” – Certificate of Authenticity

About LabelNoir Design


Walking in the footsteps of watchmaking tradition while making its mark by offering a fresh creative angle, which might otherwise be described as reinterpreting the manner in which time is usually read with a savvy injection of art and know-how.

Known as the master of metamorphosis and sophisticated coatings and driven by ethics, passion and commitment, Label Noir, a Geneva-based company founded in 2011 by Emmanuel Curti, offers a captivating response to cutting-edge watchmaking seeking an unparalleled edge that it as stunningly exceptional as it is rare.

About Reservoir

Unique design inspired by mechanical measuring instruments, RESERVOIR watches redefine boldness. The Swiss Made movement offers a radical way to read time – retrograde minute, jumping hour, power reserve. It transforms time into a precious resource, a faithful ally of adventure. Every 60 minutes, the single hand retrogrades and activates the next moment with the same intensity. To make every hour count. Fail or prevail but Make It Bold.

RESERVOIR watches reflect the functionality and aesthetic appeal of counters or gauges primarily from cars, aeronautics and marine. An era in which precision instruments were at the service of mankind, when the adrenaline coursed through the driver’s or pilot’s veins as he embarked upon voyages that demanded courage and high performance.

Twelve collections build the RESERVOIR assortment through four universes and one separated range: GT Tour, Supercharged, Longbridge, Battlefield, Kanister (Cars), Airfight (Aeronautic), Tiefenmesser, Hydrosphere (Marine), Sonomaster (Music) and Comics by RESRVOIR (Blake & Mortimer, Popeye). All models are equipped with a bespoke and patented horological module associated with a manufacture movement, assembled at La-Chaux-De-Fonds in Switzerland by a renowned watchmaker (calibers RSV-240 or RSV-Bi120).

The collections are distributed globally among 20+ countries, including the United States, Japan, Europe and Middle East, on-line and through a network of 80+ luxury retailers, the core range being priced at 4’000 euros. Established in 2017, RESERVOIR is presenting its novelties annually at international watch fairs (e.g. Time To Watches / Baselworld (Switzerland), Couture (USA), SIAR (Mexico),…) receiving outstanding reviews from the world media. 

Collections were nominated four times for the Geneva Grand Prix de d’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG) in 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021, selected at the 2021 Only Watch charity auction and received the Red Dot design award in 2022.

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