CROSSES Decò necklace 18 Kt white gold, diamonds and emeralds

21 500 kr


RECARLO CROSSES Decò necklace 18 Kt white gold,  diamonds and emeralds

Minimum quality diamonds G/SI

Size: 1,2-1,6 cm


A love story for over 50 years

Our history is inspired by a dream of passion, values, authenticity, creativity, Italian design and love. When Carlo Re founded the company in 1967, he set out to create jewellery that would make beauty eternal.

Our roots

Valenza, always synonymous with superb Italian jewellery, is the beginning, present and future of our company, a place where "savoir-faire" is truly an asset worth preserving. Our headquarters house the entire production process: here, the talent and skill of the finest master goldsmiths breathe life into unique creation

Ours is a family company, and we share our passion for this wonderful craft beneath a huge glass dome inspired by the facets of a diamond. Our founder Carlo Re passed down his passion to his wife Bruna and their sons Giorgio and Paolo. Together, they carry forward their parents' vision, with Giorgio managing creative design and production and Giorgio handling company strategy.

Guardians of manufacturing tradition

From the first men's solitaire ring crafted at our small workshop in the centre of Valenza, to the new jewellery collections produced at our eco-friendly headquarters, our creations are born from the artisan skills our brand preserves and hands down the generations.


Jewellery that reflects the scientific laws of light

The intensity of the light emphasises the brilliance of our diamonds and forges the gold in each jewel into different shapes, guiding the reflections onto its sinuous lines. A distinctive aesthetic code that enables us to create unique, timeless jewellery.

The heart

The light of love is encapsulated in the heart, the universal symbol found throughout our jewellery and the distinguishing feature of our style, be it forged from white gold or cut into our diamonds. Our jewellery exudes every possible emotion: love, passion, friendship and joy.

Recarlo Blue

Our elegant style is inspired by the regal history of Piedmont, by the noble customs and lore of the region where our company started life and still operates. The traditional blue of the Savoy royal family has become synonymous with our own style and personality, a blend of the classic and contemporary. We celebrate our blue with jewellery featuring not only diamonds, but also sapphires, their intense natural nuances and different cuts enhancing their brilliance.

What "hand-made in Italy" means to us

A coherent, sustainable choice

"Made in Italy" means that we craft our jewellery with painstaking attention to detail, seeking out beauty and the highest standards of quality and striving to make our style both coherent and unique.

Our headquarters in the heart of Valenza

Our company headquarters is a state-of-the-art building that houses the entire production process, from sketching to creating the mountings, selecting and setting the diamonds through to polishing and rhodium-plating. Here, the talent and skill of the finest master goldsmiths breathe life into uniquely precious jewellery, with an art handed down from generation to generation.

Italian craftsmanship

Our Italian DNA makes us innovative, always seeking out pioneering techniques so we can get the utmost from our precious raw materials while continuing to apply age-old artisan skills. Our Master Goldsmiths have been with us for generations, enabling us to carry on producing jewellery that stands the test of time and is synonymous with integrity and excellence.

Our vision

Life's most wonderful moments in Recarlo diamond jewellery

At Recarlo, our desire is to "realise every woman's dream of receiving a diamond jewel as a token of love." And we've been making every effort to achieve our goal since 1967.

Experience, knowledge & reliability: creating the finest jewellery

Our search for excellence starts when we scrupulously select the suppliers for our raw materials, choosing mines that guarantee the finest raw gemstones using mining methods that respect the environment and workers' rights. Just 2% of the raw stones extracted go on to become a Recarlo diamond

The fire of passion

A radiant expression of a love worth celebrating, every diamond is prepared with incredible skill, know-how and intuition, releasing the true beauty inside nature's finest raw creations. Layers of material are removed to reveal its purest essence: the fiery beauty hidden within each diamond.

Natural beauty

This wonderful gift of nature is shaped by expert human hands, turning it through each stage of workmanship into a unique, exclusive jewel. Every process carried out by our craftsmen - from creating the setting to positioning the gemstones - is designed to highlight the diamonds' natural beauty.

World leader in solitaires

To us, the solitaire is the highest expression of elegance, exalting diamond jewellery that symbolises the deepest sentiment like no other, capturing a promise that lasts forever, just like the most precious of gemstones; the style, sinuous shapes and enveloping lines of our engagement rings make the diamonds shine with special light.

How to choose a diamond

Every diamond is rare and unique. The same parameters are used worldwide to value the quality of a diamond and certify its gemmological characteristics: the 4 Cs (colour, clarity, cut and carat weight).

Carat, cut, clarity and colour

The beauty of a gemstone depends on how it is cut, as this determines how the facets of the diamond react to light. Clarity relates to its transparency and rarity. The colour of a diamond refers to its natural tone: the more colourless the diamond, the rarer it is. Finally, carat indicates the weight of a diamond, not its size; one carat is equivalent to 0.20 grams.

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