Vortuoso V salmon

  • Patented Amadéo® convertible system
  • Retrograde minutes
  • Five-day power reserve with a single barrel
  • Reversed hand-fitting
  • Jumping hours
  • The only Amadéo system to feature a duel timezone


The Virtuoso V is now available in the Amadeo case in grade 5 titanium for the very first time. The case itself is titanium, while the back of the case, which is part of the Amadeo system, is in high-grade stainless steel, as soldering titanium to titanium is nigh on impossible.

The vibrant salmon color is applied to the dials in BOVET in-house dial workshop, then baked in a special oven. After that, six layers of transparent lacquer are applied, with the dials cured between each layer, then the dial is polished. The result is a lustrous dial that will never change color.

Technical Specifications

  • Strap: Full skin alligator
  • Chain: Rhodium-plated silver
  • Diameter: 43.50mm
  • Power reserve: 5 days
  • Caliber: 13BM11AIHSMR
  • Movement type: Hand-wound
  • Frequency: 21’600v/h
  • Water resistance: 30 meters
  • Warranty: 5 Years
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