Orbis Mundi

  • Exposed In-House Hairspring and Escapement
  • 42mm grade case
  • World Time Dial Crafted in pure Aventurine glass
  • Unique and Easy to Read World Time Display
  • All Functions Set Through the Crown
  • 7-Day Power Reserve with a Single Barrel


Imagine you are on a business trip from Miami to Geneva, Switzerland, then on to Dubai, and finally finishing in Singapore. Just figuring out exactly what time it is after crossing several time zones is challenging enough, and, if you are wearing a standard world time watch, chances are the world time information on the dial is too small for your weary eyes to actually read.

To address this need, BOVET 1822 has developed a major advancement in the setting and using of the world time function – the Orbis Mundi.

Technical Specifications

The Orbis Mundi is easy to set, using only the crown to both set the time and the 24 world cities. Turn the crown counter-clockwise to set the hours and minutes, and clockwise to set the unique 24 world time zone dial. The sapphire glass of the screw-down back lets collectors appreciate every detail of this finely finished manual-wind manufacture movement, polished, angled, and decorated like the House of BOVET’s high complications, thanks to the work of the in-house artisans.
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