Ultrathin tourbillon dragon & phoenix "eudialyte"

  • Limited edition
  • 42 mm case
  • Alligator leather strap
  • 30 meters water resistance

Miniature work of art

Arnold & Son references the myth of the Dragon and the Phoenix. These fantastic creatures were neighbours who decided to make a pearl together, one using its talons, the other its teeth. The jewel was the extraordinary product of their equally impressive magic powers. Stolen by the mother of the Jade Emperor, it fell down from the heavens and the animals rushed to catch it in mid-air. This pearl of wisdom and fertility is the essence of the Ultrathin Tourbillon Dragon & Phoenix tale. The two beasts are depicted by two expressive, precious finely worked miniature sculptures curled up on either side of the dial. Complete with scales, feathers, spurs, teeth, beak and mane, they are entirely crafted from solid rose gold and engraved by hand. In the dragon’s claws is the pearl, made from mother-of-pearl. The level of detail is extraordinary, all the more so as these two animals are only around 2 cm long. In the background, Arnold & Son introduces colour and substance: the stone.

Technical Specifications


  • Hours
  • Minutes


  • 42 mm
  • 18-carat red gold (5N)


  • Eudialyte stone
  • White opal hours counter
  • Hand engraved 18-carat rose gold (4N) dragon & phoenix


  • Purple alligator leather
  • Hand-stitched with 18-carat red gold (5N) thread

Water resistance

  • 30 meters

Limited editon

  • 5 pieces


  • 1UTAR.Z02A.C157A
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